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Reformatted Affiliates

Just a quick update to say I added some cute quotes for my close friends in the affiliate blurbs on the exit page for shinshoku.net. Other updates are so minor they really don't need to be commented on.

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New layout ver 22 for Shinshoku.net

Wow I can't believe it's been almost FIVE YEARS since my last layout update (I uploaded the Michael Fassbender layout in December 2011). Looking back, I used to switch layouts much more frequently, but I think with work and everything else, I just can't do that anymore haha. Anyway, I guess this is me officially exiting my semi-hiatus from sites. I've been getting back into actively working on sites again, and it's kind of refreshing to be making stuff again.

This new layout was a result of a combination of me fixated on doing this new layout on a special day, and also finally using art from one of my favorite works. I picked Oct 29th because it's Athrun Zala's (of Gundam SEED) birthday, and it became sort of natural to also use Athrun as the theme. My favorite art from Gundam SEED is of the side story manga by Kuori Chimaki, which also focuses on Athrun.

At first I was just going to do a standard layout, but there were so many different panels from the manga I liked, so I ended up making a unique layout for each page, as an excuse to use all the nice images. I don't really expect to change it for a while, though it definitely will not stay up for anywhere near as long as almost five years.

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