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New FL Collective layout

It's been like 5 years, but I finally got around to making a new layout for Glorious. This 9th version features Ritsu from Ensemble Stars!!

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A new fanlisting to finish off the year

Had a pretty hectic holiday traveling schedule, but the good news is I applied and got approved for Athrun Zala's fanlisting at TAFL earlier this month, so when I got back after Christmas, I got working on it.

Athrun is one of my absolute favorite characters, so I'm really, really happy to own him. This does mean, however, I'll have to expose my decade-old shrine plans.... "Aldebaran" was the name I decided for a shrine dedicated to him probably over 10 years ago, but obviously never got around to working on. My biggest stumbling block was I could not make a layout I liked to save my life, so it never went anywhere.

With the fanlisting up, and a layout I like, I hope I can keep the motivation going and finally get the shrine online sometime in 2020. I've been rewatching Gundam SEED and SEED DESTINY (for the 4-5th time now) recently, so it's as good of a time as any for these plans to finally take shape.

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Icon Sort errors

Due to my switch to PHP 7, I forgot Icon Sort, which I used for some of my fanlisting codes, was not compatible. After one of my fanlistings got in trouble, I realized my error and went through and updated all the affected fanlistings.

If anyone else also uses Icon Sort, I can pass along the fixed version that is compatible with PHP 7, just shoot me an email.

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Fanlisting news and Enthusiast upgrade

Unfortunately I never got around to logging these new fanlistings when I first opened them.

I adopted Solas's fanlisting from Megan, who was super kind and understanding with how long I took getting it online. I really love Solas, and I appreciate the adoption.

Part of why I was dragging my feet on finishing the fanlisting was because I knew if I opened the fanlisting, I'd have to make public my Solas shrine. I started working on it in 2016, and all of the current pages you can view were written and uploaded around September of 2016, but after that I sort of let things slide, and never got around to working on it more. It sat online, but hidden from public view (since I never linked it anywhere) ever since. Now that the fanlisting is online, and the shrine exposed to the public, I hope to return to working on it again, and finish it some day.

But the main purpose of this update post is to say I finally updated Enthusiast to the PHP 7 compatible version by Lysianthus, with some additional tweaks. All my fanlistings have been converted over.

I might be doing some cleaning soon, so if there are any of my fanlistings you're interested in adopting, please contact me about them.

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New layout feat. Bloodborne

As an outlet for my latest obsession playing Bloodborne, I organized a video game layout marathon amongst a few friends.

The new layout for shinshoku.net is another one page layout, much like my old, old Super Junior layout from back in 2010, but coded with a much better usage of javascript. It's also fully responsive, though looks best in desktop.

My domain's 17th year anniversary is coming up, so I might do a special layout to celebrate it in April, which means this Bloodborne layout won't stay up too long.

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Return of the guestbook

The new guestbook is online as the same old url.

The last time I had a working guestbook was probably sometime in 2007... so yeah, about 10 years ago? Wow time flies. I mostly removed it because of the amount of spam I used to get. Since that is no longer an issue, I finally got around to getting a new one up. The layout uses a pattern I made using images from Mobile Suit Gundam DVD box art

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New layout for Ethereal

I gave Kouga Yun's fanlisting a new layout as a part of The Rose Keep's Flower Garden Layout Marathon. I still need to revamp a few more fanlistings, but those are for another time.

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New buttons

Months behind schedule, I have finally put up buttons donated from holiday Secret Santa events.

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A Facelift

The old layout has been sitting there since early 2010, and pretty useless, and I've been pretty unsatisfied with it. I haven't had an idea or any sort of inspiration for a new layout for it until now. It's still pretty useless, but at least it looks nice.

The new layout for asukira.net was a lot of fun to make. I probably spent the most work on making the background pattern.

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Reformatted Affiliates

Just a quick update to say I added some cute quotes for my close friends in the affiliate blurbs on the exit page for shinshoku.net. Other updates are so minor they really don't need to be commented on.

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