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New FL Collective layout

It's been like 5 years, but I finally got around to making a new layout for Glorious. This 9th version features Ritsu from Ensemble Stars!!

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A new fanlisting to finish off the year

Had a pretty hectic holiday traveling schedule, but the good news is I applied and got approved for Athrun Zala's fanlisting at TAFL earlier this month, so when I got back after Christmas, I got working on it.

Athrun is one of my absolute favorite characters, so I'm really, really happy to own him. This does mean, however, I'll have to expose my decade-old shrine plans.... "Aldebaran" was the name I decided for a shrine dedicated to him probably over 10 years ago, but obviously never got around to working on. My biggest stumbling block was I could not make a layout I liked to save my life, so it never went anywhere.

With the fanlisting up, and a layout I like, I hope I can keep the motivation going and finally get the shrine online sometime in 2020. I've been rewatching Gundam SEED and SEED DESTINY (for the 4-5th time now) recently, so it's as good of a time as any for these plans to finally take shape.

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Icon Sort errors

Due to my switch to PHP 7, I forgot Icon Sort, which I used for some of my fanlisting codes, was not compatible. After one of my fanlistings got in trouble, I realized my error and went through and updated all the affected fanlistings.

If anyone else also uses Icon Sort, I can pass along the fixed version that is compatible with PHP 7, just shoot me an email.

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Fanlisting news and Enthusiast upgrade

Unfortunately I never got around to logging these new fanlistings when I first opened them.

I adopted Solas's fanlisting from Megan, who was super kind and understanding with how long I took getting it online. I really love Solas, and I appreciate the adoption.

Part of why I was dragging my feet on finishing the fanlisting was because I knew if I opened the fanlisting, I'd have to make public my Solas shrine. I started working on it in 2016, and all of the current pages you can view were written and uploaded around September of 2016, but after that I sort of let things slide, and never got around to working on it more. It sat online, but hidden from public view (since I never linked it anywhere) ever since. Now that the fanlisting is online, and the shrine exposed to the public, I hope to return to working on it again, and finish it some day.

But the main purpose of this update post is to say I finally updated Enthusiast to the PHP 7 compatible version by Lysianthus, with some additional tweaks. All my fanlistings have been converted over.

I might be doing some cleaning soon, so if there are any of my fanlistings you're interested in adopting, please contact me about them.

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New layout for Ethereal

I gave Kouga Yun's fanlisting a new layout as a part of The Rose Keep's Flower Garden Layout Marathon. I still need to revamp a few more fanlistings, but those are for another time.

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New fanlistings and adoptions.

Oops forgot to update when the first two went up, but this is basically a roundup post for my recent fanlistings.

If anyone is interested, I have a list of fanlistings available for adoptions here.

Previous archive of posts are located at my old updates LJ.

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