Our path turned to stone

Shinshoku.net is the second domain I've ever bought, originally way back on April 5th, 2003—my first domain was zanzou.net, but I never really count that because the single year I owned it, I never did much with it. After zanzou.net expired I got shinshoku.net, and ever since it's been my home. The name comes from a L'Arc~en~Ciel song title and translates to "Erosion," hence my not so creative decision to name my network The Erosion Network. I named my nework after I first got the domain, and the name has since grown on me too much to chage. Ideally, I would like to call my domain The Destructive Fates Network, but then I would have to go and edit every site I own to reflect the change, and there's too many to edit, so that's just the secondary name of my network.

I originally registered this domain on Go Daddy, but now it's transferred and registered on NameCheap, as are the rest of my active domains. Besides zanzou.net, the other domains I've owned in the past, but let expire are ryuutarou.net, haptism.org, and sunspear.org. Before switching to Surpass Webhosting, I had used a string of crappy small companies that had far too many downtimes and bad support, but I've been very satisfied with Surpass for many years now.

About the layout

The current layout is both a celebration of Athrun Zala for his birthday on October 29th and an excuse to use images from my favorite art style in the large Gundam SEED universe. The manga art used are from the side story series, Gundam SEED Destiny: The Edge, which tells the sequal story from Athrun's point of view. Kuori Chimaki did the art for the side series, and I prefer his style over the official manga, adapted directly from the anime, by Iwase Masatsugu (which unfortunately comes off too stiff in the way characters are drawn).

As much as I liked the previous version (and I've had the last layout up for over five years), I really wanted a change. Plus since making the last layout, I've changed some of my style, and coding standards have also shifted, so I didn't want to keep my main collective so out of date. There were a lot of panels from the manga I liked, and it was hard to pick just one, so I ended up making this layout with a different layout for each section. The images used on the index and network/projects pages were colored panels, but the images used on this page (about domain) and the exit/links were colored by me specifically for the layout.

Credit for the scans go to Fuyu no Yo and the resources used on the layouts are from Houltey and genesbuffet, who deactivated their deviantart account. Heading text are lines from Meteorite by Years & Years. Image editing was done through Photoshop CS5 and coding was done on my favorite text editor, Sublime Text.

Previous layouts

I don't usually screencap my layouts, but I made sure to do this for my main collective. These are all of my past layouts for Shinshoku.net, since its inception, minus the coming soon pages. Safe to say, I have improved my design skills, but I could still do with even more improvement. This is mostly a self-serving archive for memory. Over thirteen years' worth of embarrassment, yay!