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Complete Revamp

After getting the new layout up, as a part of Amassment's 2016 Revamp Event, I finally had time in the past week or so to go back through every single page, reread, and change whatever was needed. Most had typos and awkward sentences to fix, but a few pages I either rewrote almost the entire thing, or added new paragraphs to (namely the "Introduction" and "The Third Children" pages).

The last page that's been crossed out since this shrine first when up is still crossed out, but working on that and possibly adding another page will by my goal next.

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New layout and happy 2nd impact day

This is a bit of a rushed update, but I wanted to make it in on time for Kaworu's birthday on Second Impact day. This update is mostly cosmetic, with a content clean up coming soon.

I've had this layout made since 2013, but have been holding back on uploading it until I got my last page done. That's still not happened lol, but it will.

I've been spending most of my time working on this update log script, and now that's it's mostly working, I can focus on other things.

Luckily for me, this layout has stood the test of time and my picky personal standards (lol otherwise I'd have scrapped it).

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